• Selina Arnall

“Don’t explain your philosophy, embody it” #epictetus

Updated: Sep 17

What’s your new normal looking like?

At the start of the pandemic, to say I was disappointed when COVID-19 first hit and to immediately stop and cancel all events I had scheduled from March to what now feels like the end of time is an understatement, it was a very fast-moving adjustment. For someone that typically hosted events weekly and traveled frequently, I definitely needed a little me-time to regroup and establish how to maneuver differently.

I’ve now been working a restricted schedule for 25 weeks, the first couple of weeks, maybe the first few month’s for the sake of honesty were savage, if you didn't drink wine out of a mug at 10am in the morning and pretend to the World you were having a cup of tea did you really even experience a Global Pandemic to it's fullest? I will not lie it was like Vegas in my house, we were losing money by the minute, cocktails were acceptable at any hour, and nobody had a clue what time it was...

But I found my groove and to be honest, this is how I want my work-life balance to be ongoing, as frightening as it was to say, and I know I have raised a few brows with announcing that I want to work a smaller amount of hours for the foreseeable future but this decision for me had been a long time coming, after spending the last 12 months dabbling with going part-time and freelancing in events this really was a now or never moment. The reset button had been pushed, my motivations and future desires had changed, the opportunity to pivot and create a new normal for myself came and I couldn’t let it pass me by!!

Hi my names Selina and I am a part of the #freelance community, it is a huge step forward for my work-life integration, I may have been wearing sweatpants and ugg boots since the 3rd week of March and I can’t say much has changed on the workwear front, but what I have done is stop frequenting #danmurphys on the regular (I’ll save the how and why of that story for another post) I am now occasionally using the ironing board for its proper use and not just as a stand-up desk, I am using my ‘me’ time in lockdown to refine my craft and offer the mastery of events logistics to others. As we start to look at the recovery of the events industry, investing in freelance services will be the smart option for many, as businesses will be restricted financially in allocating a budget to such a role, and will be (fingers crossed) looking more towards working with freelance staff more than ever before?

What the pandemic has successfully done is to flip the notion of career security on its head, accelerating the transformation of what a career is and made a lot of us redefine our definition of the ‘ideal career’ now those of us without ‘real jobs’ are preparing ourselves to take strides in this ever-evolving new normal.

Who run the World #freelancers well maybe not the entire World, but the stage has been set for #freelancers to flourish and prosper in our new normal, we offer the same mastery of our craft, the same wealth of experience, we offer a way to hire someone with a skilled level of expertise without the increased costs of hiring in-house or engaging externally with an agency. Our focus is firmly on the development of relationships and the delivery of the task at hand, exactly that is expected in a full-time role, but we are able to deliver it through more personal interactions and in a more cost-efficient manner. WIN, WIN, WIN

Also, an added benefit is the freedom to work with so many other freelancing legends to make shit happen, amazing creatives who have taken that big scary jump and said f*ck it, I’m doing it!! I am shaking things up and offering my skills and experience to a whole new World. I am proud to be a part of a collective of savvy creators (sometimes sassy) #girlbosses. Kudos to Jaz Bartolic for bringing her passion of playing on Instagram all day to life with @jazzysocials Elise James my former partner in events marketing crime for taking the plunge and creating @elisejamesmedia and Ashleigh an absolute chief at anything related to creating ‘pretty’ things for announcing By Ashleigh Jade I know every one of you and so many more will be called upon by myself as we navigate through being the face of our own newly created #freelance empires...

So I say again “don’t explain your philosophy, embody it” please meet the newest freelance Event Manager on the block, me, AKA MELB BLK EVENT.CO,

I wear a lot of black, and I mean a lot hence MELB BLK, I am definitely your typical Melbourne, wears-a-lot-of-black kind of girl. And that is what you will always get, me! #Iamafreelancer.

Have you recently embarked on a new career for yourself, diversified or pivoted during these unprecedented times? Feel free to share #collaborationovercompetition