• Selina Arnall

So What's the Difference - Event Manager Vs Event Sales Manager

Don't let the word sales fool you!!

Are you considering a career in Events? Do you hear that potential future title of yours and think glitz and glamour, or long days and high-stress levels. Well, it's all that and more and they all balance each other out perfectly! But that's just in my opinion!!

So what's the difference between Event Management, and Event Sales Management? Popular titles within the hospitality industry, with both having differing priorities, skill-sets, perks, responsibilities, creative direction, and turnover volumes but ultimately they both operate to achieve the same outcome, the execution of an event.

Your job search criteria on is 'event' an up pops hundreds of roles for your viewing but have you considered where your future self ultimately wants to sit on the events spectrum? Have you delved into what would be the perfect match for your career in this industry? Are you wondering which one will leave you the least stressed and the most fulfilled? The truth is when you work in events stress and fulfillment come hand in hand and I personally wouldn't have it any other way, it's what makes me tick.

So here we go, let's see what takes your fancy:

Event Sales Manager; are the machines ones who market, sell, and coordinate the event space on behalf of a hotel, restaurant, or venue provider. Handling all wedding, corporate, conference, and private event enquiries through to site inspections, proposals, and contracts, they are the point of contact for all event details, overseeing the coordination of the event information and resources.

These superstars can often be the touchpoint for multiple events each day, whilst preparing multiple events in the background. Event Sales Managers are also responsible for account management, sales prospecting, business development, and they are also revenue management geniuses. It's a fast and furious role, there is an element of creativity but the emphasis is on converting the sale of the event space and exceeding the targets set by the business.

Event Manager; These legends have the responsibility of the event pre-planning through to post-event analysis and are charged with the successful sales and execution of a variety of events from weddings, birthday parties to conferences, galas, and large-scale exhibitions. This includes creating ideas for events, preparing event briefs to pitch your services, styling, proposing venues and suppliers along with their negotiation and securement as well as the planning and coordination of all internal/external logistics.

EMs are also responsible for handling the budgets, troubleshooting any problems that may arise, hiring and supervising support staff, stakeholder management, and the marketing and promotion of events if required. Once the event has concluded EMs in most cases will generate reports and analyses to ascertain whether the event was a success. This is a heavy-duty role with some EMs frequently traveling away from home working in multiple locations for the execution of their events schedule, and often working long days and hard nights.

And then you have the Event Manager who is also proficient in Event Sales, and vice versa, well then you really are an events unicorn #lol

This is by no means the only two roles that exist in Event Management or Event Sales, and these are by no means the only two role titles that exist in the wonderful world of events, this is just a quick insight into the pathways that I took in events. Do I prefer one over the other, yes, but I also enjoyed them both for very different reasons. The underlying trait that is needed for all event roles is you must be a master organiser, proactive, and be able to foresight quickly to anticipate and solve problems.

If you are looking for a career in the events industry and have any questions about what pathway you should take feel free to reach out and chat more.

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