• Selina Arnall

They're just not that into YOU!!!

If you don't know it by now, you are never going to know it!!

No this isn't a tragic insight into my dating life, this is about being able to attract and book the clients that suit your business and it starts with knowing who you are, and who you are looking for...

Are you targeting your clients, or just swiping right on everything and hoping they are the perfect match for you?

That old adage 'They're just not that into you' comes into play more times than not when securing events at your venue, and you shouldn't take it personally, it comes down to the fact that the client you are chasing just isn't a match to you and that's how it is...

You may have the most perfect venue, on-point styling, the best sales team, and coordinators running the show, your food & beverage offerings could be straight off a Masterchef show, but that doesn't make you the right fit for everyone and this is where we get stuck and take the rejection personally.

We are not made for everybody, all venues are unique, the same as your clients and potential clients are, do you know who your ideal client is? Have you crafted a profile of the ideal client for your venue? You will have no idea how to recognise and sell to them if you don't know who you are looking for.

You can do this by designing your client avatar; Do you know how much they spend, and where they spend it? what brands do they love, where do they like to travel, what are their values and beliefs, what are they passionate about, what is their style, what is important to them about their wedding or event, these questions need to be slightly shifted but can easily be used for corporate clients also?

Once you learn everything there is to know about your target client, put yourself where they are and understand their behavior. This may sound a little bit too much like Joe Goldberg, so please don't go there make sure you keep it legal, but you do need to get in their head.

You can set yourself up for greater success by knowing who your target client is and knowing where you will find them. Once you have found them you need to get yourself in front of them, get them through your door, and showcase what you both know already that you are the venue for them.

You can captivate your target by attracting them in the early stages of their venue search, imperative actions you should take are the following: 1) Does your website tell your story or the story that matches your clients needs and wants? make sure your imagery and language used also matches what your client avatar is looking for so they can already see themselves celebrating their occasion in your spaces. 2) Your social media channels should also resonate with the message you are trying to convey to your ideal audience, the style, colors, and diversity, make them fall in love before they have even walked through your door. Use your IG stories and highlights as a place to post rich content of previous weddings and events at your venue that piques their interest, be sure to create and pin on titled and themed Pinterest boards. 3) Outside of your immediate channels where else does your target research desired venues? what blogs do they read, or IG accounts do they follow is there the opportunity to have your venue showcased in these arenas to further put yourself in front of their eyes. Reach out to the editors or page owners and see if there is the opportunity to collaborate. 4) What vendors would be an ideal match to your client avatar, a styled showcase, or photoshoot at your venue is a fantastic way to bring you all together and share content from a greater number of channels, expanding your reach in acquiring that perfect match you are looking for.

Your ideal client will book you faster and with less chasing if you have put in all the work to get yourself where you need to be which is right in front of them. They will fall in love with who you are, you will be building trust and a potential relationship even before the first meet, so when that first date arrives if you continue to communicate with the same language and personality they are as good as yours...A perfect match some would say.

As venue doors commence opening again soon, and weddings and events come back online for all to enjoy in our 'new normal' I hope this helps to secure weddings and events for the dates you have left to fill, or for future ones to come.

Selina x