• Selina Arnall

Wedding Trends 2020

Updated: Aug 16

Wedding trends are they something to follow or something to start?

The Roaring 20's - Andrea Eppolito Events

Don't follow trends, start trends” Frank Capra

And yet for the majority, we follow them! In an industry that changes as quickly as Miley Cyrus relationship status and is heavily influenced by the most, in-demand it leaves the larger part of us at the mercy of the celebrities, their planners, wedding experts, industry icons and Instagram to announce to the World what's coming up in the year ahead.

Albeit the thought of being tied to the notable trends for the next year may cause you to balk at yet another Pinterest board of celebrity weddings and what can only be achieved with a few hundred thousand in the back pocket, it is hard to get your message of difference across and dictated on masse without the support of the higher wedding industry critics, or perhaps a multiple-k Instagram influencer who just 'loves your vibe'.

What trends can do, however, is help you to become a leader in your wedding specialty, they are not set in stone, you do not need to follow them verbatim they are there to lend a hand in uncovering hidden ideas to set trends within trends, a proportionate mix of creating and following will most definitely set you apart with potential couples wanting an on-message 2020 wedding combined with something that is unique to them and more cost-effective than the ultimate floral installation spread Vogue released last month!

"It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change" Charles Darwin

From carbon offset menus to a replay of the roaring 20's there is something for all of the wedding industry to sink their own creative flair into in 2020, and the biggest trends for the upcoming year ahead will have you hearing buzzwords such as 'ethereal', 'delicate' 'organic', 'natural' and 'sustainable'. The wonderful and extremely talented Andrea Eppitio suggests that unique attire and technology will play a big part in 2020 weddings with Vogue Australia putting emphasis on thoughtful detail rather than over-the-top extravagance will be key and London's master floral creators @bloominghaus seeing a shift in requests for flowers that ‘feel organic’ and that are ‘naturally styled’ in form and design.

So prepare yourself for the year ahead and some of the requests you may receive.

The wedding flowers and decor 

Thoughtful detail rather than over-the-top extravagance will be key for a 2020 wedding, couples discreetly placing their initials on everything from glassware to napkins. A large installation will be the statement piece, with table florals becoming simple, relaxed and natural. To match the minimalist aesthetic, expect to see neutral shades with subtle tonal differences and experimentation with complementing color combinations, conscious choices will be made to focus more on using locally grown and sourced flowers that are multi-use arrangements for a more eco-friendly wedding. Displays will forgo excessive foliage for an abundance of flowers in the form of a floral arch, suspended installation or even a larger than life floral wall. Clients should consider the next life of their flowers once the wedding is over, whether that’s donating them to a local hospice or encouraging guests to take them home to enjoy.

Sustainability matters

Sustainability is a priority on the 2020 agenda, requesting a Vegan meal will no longer be seen as a 'special dietary requirement' as the rise of the eco-conscious reigns a high priority for all. Digital invitations will no longer be seen as a 'tacky' way of inviting guests, however, like many other things that are going the paperless route, email wedding invitations are gaining popularity. Also gaining momentum is the use of seeded paper from wedding invites to menus which can be planted after use. To assist with a reduction in the carbon footprint clients are likely to move forward with using local products and produce that are sourced sustainably, reducing excessive food portions and composting or donating what is left over. Carbon offsets are set to become wedding gifts, just like flying, events can be carbon offset, being upfront and proud about carbon offsetting a wedding is a great way to showcase climate leadership we all leave a footprint, but doing something about it makes the difference.

Custom & Unique Attire

The wedding dress is no longer the one dress brides are shopping for they are buying accessories, an evening gown, and other looks that will see them from the rehearsal dinner right through to the recovery breakfast. Some couples in 2020 will be shaking up the traditions and ditching the bridal dress entirely queue the ever-loyal trouser and jumpsuit, separates are ideal for those who have in mind that they will wear certain pieces again and not hold in their closet a one-hit-wonder.

Identical gowns be gone, 2020 will see more brides tailoring more to their bridesmaids from body shapes to skin tones making sure everyone feels great on the day but that doesn't mean a free-for-all the bride is still likely to choose the color and style “We’re seeing brides pre-selecting a palette and silhouettes they like, then asking bridesmaids to choose from that narrowed-down range,” says Katherine Holmgren, co-founder of bridal and eveningwear label Galvan, 2020 brides will allow her bridesmaids to select from three or four different shapes in select colors that complement her own dress.

Wishing all wedding suppliers a busy 2020...

Selina x